passionate-loversOne of the best ways a person learn a lot about it falling in love, is through reading books about passionate love affairs. A more specific example would be a romance novel. In romance novels, one can put their self in the shoes of other people and understand their point of view, feel what they feel, and see what they see about the people they both intensely love and hate. A romance novel is its own adventure, filled with budding wisdom to offer people of all ages should they fall in love or not.

One dating lesson I learned from romance novels is that looks are not everything. In romance novel “Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor is ashamed of her red hair and chubby appearance, but her love interest Park never even for a moment sees any of those things about her physical appearance as flaws. He loves the way Eleanor looks as much as he loves her personality, and when Park starts wearing weird eye make up that most people think is weird, Eleanor actually likes it and supports it. Sure, looks do leave an impression, but they will probably never really form any real connections with people when it comes to forming relationships.

This leads to the second lesson of remembering that in dating, people are not perfect but that is probably what makes them more beautiful. A lot of John Green’s books have female lead characters that are strong, crazy, and broken – and the male protagonists love them for not only what makes them strong but also what makes them weak.

A third lesson is to not be afraid to be yourself. The books of Nicholas Sparks show that honesty is the best policy, and that the sweetest moments of love can really occur when you are both open to each other.